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Corporate Profile
Trade NameWashiON Kyoritsu Keiki Co., Ltd.
Capital Stock30 million yen
Number of Employees150
Production Item
Electrical contactor related production
■ Magnetic contactor related devices

Automatic transfer switch devices
Relays for railway vehicle
DC contactors
Various relays
Auxiliary relays
Power relays

■ Electric vehicle related devices

DC contactors
Switches for emergency stop
Battery gauges
Charging connectors
Charging stations
DC motor controllers

■ Others

Terminal blocks
Manual load break switches
Applied electronic devices

RepresentativePresident: Yasushi Oiwake
Site Area Main Factory      Land area: 4,212.05㎡    Building area:  3,495.47㎡
Chikuma Factory      Land area: 13,512.00㎡   Building Area: 3,354.33㎡
Yawata Industrial Complex   Land area: 12,722.00㎡
Bank of AccountHachijuni Bank, Shimosuwa Branch / Shoko Chukin Bank, Suwa Branch / Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Suwa Branch / Suwa Shinkin Bank, Kohama Branch
Main Customers Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism / Japan Broadcasting Corporation / Japan Railways Group / NTT Group / NEXCO Group / Water Resources Development Public Corporation (WARDEC) / electric power companies / private railway companies local governments, schools, hospitals, water suppliers, and other private companies, such as electric companies, machinery works companies, and transportation equipment companies
Oct, 1960.Shoji Miyagawa founded Kyoritsu Keiki Co., Ltd. for electric controller manufacturing, and became the CEO.
Feb, 1963Main factory was constructed at 4684-1 Shimosuwa, Suwa-gun, Nagano.
Apr, 1963Tokyo Business Office was established.
May, 1970Togura Plant, now Chikuma Plant, was established at 100 Haneo, Togura, Hanishina-gun, Nagano.
Oct, 1973Osaka Business Office was established.
Mar, 1978Sendai Business Office was established.
Oct, 1985Nagoya Business Office was established.
Dec, 1987Molding plant was established at Chikuma Factory.
Jul, 1989Die manufacturing plant was established at Chikuma Plant.
Nov, 1990The president was awarded by Minister of Labor, for encouraging the spread of the Small and Medium Enterprise Retirement Allowance Cooperative mutual aid system.
Jun, 1991(also in 1996, 2001, 2006, and 2011) Awarded as an outstanding corporation by Suwa Tax Office.
Mar, 1992Acquired real estate approximately 13,000 m2 at Yawata Industrial Complex from Nagano Bureau of Enterprise.
Apr, 1994Kyushu Business Office was established in Tosu.
Nov, 1995Awarded by Social Insurance Agency for the contribution to promoting the social insurance project.
 The president was awarded by the governor of Nagano prefecture for paying taxes voluntarily for a number of years.
Jan, 1997The president was awarded the Regional Contributors Award of Outstanding Business Owners Award by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, Ltd. (one of fourteen winners)
Mar, 1998Main factory was newly established.
Jan, 1999Suwa Factory and all of our business offices obtained ISO 9001.
Aug, 1999Chikuma Factory obtained ISO 9001.
Dec, 2002Suwa Factory and Chikuma Factory obtained ISO 14001.
Apr, 2006Chikuma Factory was expanded.
May, 2007Experimental Laboratory building was constructed at Chikuma Factory.
Jun, 2007CEO Shoji Miyakawa was awarded Shimosuwa Mayor’s Award for promoting administration of local government and contribution to development of Shimosuwa.
Jul, 2008CEO Shoji Miyakawa was awarded the Kyokujitsu Soko Order (the Order of the Rising Sun).
Apr, 2009Chikuma Factory was expanded.
Feb, 2012A new building was constructed at Main Factory.
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