DC Contactors

DC contactor general catalog
Diverse range of products only achievable by a DC contactor specialist manufacturer
Kyoritsu Keiki, one of the country’s main DC switch specialists, manufactures magnetic contactors specifically for DC.
Based on experience and achievements, we meet various needs of our customers. If you have any problems about DC power supply switches, regarded as more difficult compared to AC power supply switches, please feel free to contact us.

CM Series
●Rated voltage: 12 – 72VDC 
●Rated current: 10 – 250A

MDM Series
●Rated voltage: 440VDC 
●Rated current: 5 – 400A

●Rated voltage: 12 - 1000VDC 
●Rated current: 10 – 2000A
DC Contactor general catalog

DC Contactor general catalog
Continuous rating compact high capacity splash-proof power relay
With flywheel diodes for absorbing coil surges built-in, this power relay doesn’t mount the surge on the external contacts. The contact structure is 1C. Two pieces being used is suited to control outdoor-use equipment and DC motors.
●Rated voltage: 12 / 24VDC
●Rated current: 30A

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