Solar Energy Related Devices

Model HKT High Voltage Terminal Block
The first full lineup for 1000VDC in Japan.
Rated insulation voltage 1000VDC terminal block for industrial use.
Available for rated conduction current of 30A, 60A, 90A, 175A, 225A, 310A, 440A, and 600A
Assembled type and rail type terminal blocks available.
●Assembled type: SNT-[current]-[number of poles] (e.g. SNT-30-10P)
●Rail type: SNTD-B[current]-[number of poles] (e.g. SNTD-B60-12P) D stands for DIN-R
Combinations of different current are available for both types.
●Number of poles: specify when ordering
●30 – 90A: Uses cross-head screws, 175 – 600A: Uses studs as our product, NKT-S
This product can be suitably used for connection or junction boxes for solar power systems.
Model BMS2X-2 DC Manual Switch
●Rated insulation voltage: 1000VDC
●Rated breaking current: 1000VDC 10A (R load)
                   750VDC 15A (R load)
●Simultaneous bipolar breaking type
●Lever operation system
Model CS1-10A Solar Relay
◎Solar relay cutting down loss of backflow prevention diodes in a connection box in a solar power plant.
◎When more forward-current than operating current is carried during solar power generation, the relay operates and bypasses diodes for backflow prevention, and cuts down loss of exothermic energy when an electrical current is applied to diodes.
◎When power generation decreases below the release current, the relay recovers.
(The current is applied to the diodes, if power generation decreases below the release current.)
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