automatic transfer switches

Developed for automatic transfer and switching circuit
As an instantaneous exciting and mechanical holding type, this switch carries current only at switching, suppressing coil excitation, power consumption, excitation noise, and heat generation in the coil, i.e. it is eco-friendly.
In addition to regular relaying type, we offer a rich variety of types, such as center-off switch mounted type, overlapping type, high-speed type, and manual type.
●Rated voltage: 250 – 660VAC , Rated current: 30 – 5000A

SSK Series NEO Models Draw-out Type Automatic Transfer Switches
Draw-out type of SSK-NE series automatic transfer switches
Bypass circuits enable maintenance of the transfer switch without cutting electricity.
(For 100 to 1600A, both power supplies A and B can be installed with bypass circuits.)
●Rated voltage: 660VAC / 140VDC , Rated current: 100 – 1600A

High speed automatic switch devices: HTS series
This series is a high voltage power supply switching device combining a synchronization detector (all models) and a high-speed power failure detector (ERS and SH models)
This is suited to a power supply system PDU in a data center.
We have four series in accordance with various usages or purposes.
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